Max Table + Max Benches 118

Max Table + Max Benches 118"

by Max Lamb

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Max Table + Max Benches 118" by Max Lamb - Hem
There can be little doubt that the Max Table is furniture that will endure. Boasting extreme length and made from solid ash, this extraordinary and uncompromising design is closer to architecture than object. Designer Max Lamb was given the brief to make a table so strong and so generous, it could be stood upon. He delivered a design that is monolithic, bold, and consequential. Huge in scale, elementary in form, brilliant in construction, the Max Table (and its partner, the Max Bench) will be your home's centerpiecethe hub around which you and yours gather for generations to come.

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Behind the Scenes —<br>Visiting the Max Table Factory
Behind the Scenes —
Visiting the Max Table Factory

We took a journey to a remote industrial estate on the outskirts of Padua, in the north east of Italy, to visit the birthplace of the new Max Table, designed by Max Lamb for Hem.

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Designed by Max Lamb

Max Lamb

A graduate from London’s Royal College of Art, designer Max Lamb favours a direct, uncomplicated approach, merging traditional craft with digital methods in his designs. Working with natural and honest materials, Lamb’s sculptural furniture often looks like piece of art - but it is also, if not primarily, solid and durable.

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