Alle Conference Media Table 98"

Alle Conference Media Table 98"

by Staffan Holm


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Alle Conference Media Table 98" by Staffan Holm - Hem

Inspired by simple Japanese wood-joining techniques he saw in Zen temples, Staffan Holm created Alle, a generously proportioned solid oak table that features his trademark mix of modernity and tradition. The Alle's thin, rounded edges give an impression of lightness and elegance unusual for such a large piece, while the legs attach to the table top via a continuous beam, eliminating the need for tools. The Alle 98" is ideal in the workplace and comes in a pale or natural finish. Built-in compartments for media ports are available for this version.

Alle Conference Media Table 98" by Staffan Holm - Hem

Designed by Staffan Holm

Staffan Holm

The poetry of handcraft and the possibilities of modern technology are at the core of Staffan Holm’s practice. The Swedish designer worked as a carpenter and cabinet maker before entering the renowned School of Design and Crafts (HDK) in Gothenburg, where he later founded his studio. It's there Holm realises his vision of conveying human qualities and emotions through his high-quality pieces.

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