An image featuring several configurations of the T Shelf, including High 50, Low 150 and Low 100 / Low 100.

T Shelf
by Formafantasma

"A forward-thinking Italian design duo unveil a new shelving system that's sure to stand the test of time"

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News and stories

Sneak Peeking Puffy

The Puffy Lounge Chair, designed by Faye Toogood, is the first introduction of Hem’s Puffy seating collection, which will encompass a range of chair and stool products, offering a tactile new take on the enduring concept of steel-framed furniture.

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Knitting the Boa Pouf

Our recently launched Boa Pouf is seemingly effortless, but behind the surface the smooth shape-knit textile that covers the Boa Pouf is a milestone in technologically innovative furniture. Follow us as we step into the knitting factory in Austria, to observe the making of a Boa sleeve.

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